Thursday, November 15, 2007

For the head.

Everyone is getting hats for Christmas! Besides the Raisin Beret, I just wrote a pattern for what I'm calling my Bubbly Blue Beanie (which is a little slouchy, but not so much as to be defined as a beret...). I'm hoping to get that typed up and posted here by Thanxgiving. Also in the works is a star stitch beret pattern, but that depends on what cheap yarn finds I can grab at Michaels today (I'm poor, don't judge me.) Since they're having a sale, I just may pick up enough cotton ease to make that vogue cardigan I've been eying for a year now.

Also plugging away at Magknits Sesame... it's slow going just because the stockinette stitch is so boring I could die. But now that the back is done, it's all long, narrow pieces and finishing. I hope to by done in the next couple of weeks. Which is good, because I need all the sweaters I can get up here.

That's the crafting news for now. I'm off to the post office and the Michaels.

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