Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crafty things on the agenda:

- Block someone's mother's X-Mas gift.
- Start on someone else's X-mas gifts (well, it has to be a surprise, doesn't it?)
- Start on the worlds ugliest armwarmers (They're going to look like cat yack, and it totally isn't my fault) as per request.
- Purchase some floss and fabric to start on embroidered sampler.
- Complete second delicious alpaca sock for myself.
- Begin Fair Isle alpaca hat... just as soon as I teach myself Fair Isle and write the pattern.
- Swatch and write pattern for Birch jacket.
- Make t-shirt that says "I got boned at the Petrified Creatures Museum, Richfield Springs New York"
- Make a t-shirt that says "I got beaver fever! Richfield Springs, 2006"

This list is only going to get longer. Trust me.

Expect some pictures later this week of a certain awesome pair of legwarmers, and a blocked scarf that someone's mother is getting for X-mas.


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